our design

Every project is unique and treated that way, however, we find that the following steps are often typical to each project.


We meet with you to discuss your requirements, understand your style preferences and to view the site and its immediate surroundings. This meeting would usually last in excess of 1 hour and is the most critical in order to start building up a good understanding of where we can help in your project.

design brief

Following on from our initial consultation a fee proposal with accompanying design brief will be prepared for you. The brief will outline your key requirements and form the building blocks of the design.

site survey
& analysis

On a modest sized site, such as a residential garden, a survey will be completed to accurately record all relevant data from the site. This will include general measurements, key features within the boundary such as existing trees, buildings, level changes and any features a client may wish to keep. On more complicated or larger sites a surveyor will be employed to complete a full topographical survey.

Concept design

This first phase of design is where we convert your requirements and our ideas into drawings. We develop a design or series of designs that broadly outlines the proposed scheme. This is often presented to you through plans, 3D views, fly-through animations and reference images.

detailed design

After the concept design has been approved a set of detailed drawings will be produced. These drawings will define material choice, plant species selection and will allow project costs to be gathered from construction contractors. These drawings can typically include an annotated masterplan, detailed construction drawings, construction specifications, planting plans and 3D rendered imagery.

for construction

The detailed design drawings can be sent out to selected competent contractors to gain project costs, these quotations can be checked by us with our recommendations then being made to the client.


During the construction process we can make regular visits to monitor progress to ensure the project is built as agreed by the client and as per the design. Guidance and support will be offered to the contractor and our client.

This is a typical process for a full design service. However, every garden and landscape project are different and therefore may require a different set of drawings and information. We will discuss with the client from the outset what is understood to be required and therefore only provide that relevant information.

AH Design Studio is not limited to design, plant sourcing and purchasing can be provided. Please contact the studio for further information.